Rollin’ with Protoje

Rollin’ with Protoje

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Success hasn’t come overnight for Oje Ken Ollivierre, the artiste more popularly known as Protoje. His seven-year musical journey has been one of perseverance, patience, hard work and self-discovery, and now he has fully stepped out into the spotlight with the release of his debut album 7 Year Itch”, which creatively presents his lyrical gifts and officially positions him as a fresh and exciting talent on the music scene.

“I never knew it would have taken this long. I thought five years ago I would be right where I am now, but it just shows you that you know nothing and you have to be humble and know that you’re not the one in control. To be here now, I’ve learnt so much about patience in the seven years…and it’s just that everyone has their lesson to learn and it just took me that long to learn mine,” Protoje told Pree Jamaica.


The album has been enjoying both critical and popular success, and even as his stock continues on its upward trajectory, the St. Elizabeth-born artiste has managed to remain firmly grounded.

“I just feel humbled. I give thanks. Don [Corleon] put a lot of work into it, so I give thanks to him and my family and friends. It’s just a really humbling experience to have people supporting the music.”

Twelve of the 13 tracks on the album are produced by his cousin Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett, with the exception being the DJ Karim-produced “Arguments”. Protoje pointed out that although Don did most of the tracks, the album has a lot of different musical flavours.

“It’s dub, it’s rock, it’s reggae…but at the heart of it, it’s a reggae record, but there’s just a little different sound, so you just have to be open to hearing the music…I know that the roots is there and the dub the there,” explained Protoje.

"Seven Year Itch" sampler

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