Pree10: Make-up artist Loni Jones

Pree10: Make-up artist Loni Jones

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Her impressive body of work speaks for itself. In the world of high fashion, entertainment, media and special events, professional make-up artist Loni Jones has established herself as one of the best in her field. Her client list includes the names of popular recording artistes, top models, beauty queens and leading corporate entities and brands. While the life of a highly sought-after make-up artist can be very demanding, Pree Jamaica managed to get 10 questions in with Miss Jones, who dishes a little about herself and the art of make-up application.

Loni Jones (right) applies make-up to Jaslene Gonsalez, winner of "America's Next Top Model" in 2007

1. Who is Loni Jones?
Loni Jones is young woman who’s constantly searching for truth, spiritual and mental growth, and living a fulfilled and balanced life.

2. What influenced your career choice?
My love for art. My studies in painting were easily transferred to the face, which is a canvas. The same rules that apply in painting apply in make-up.

3. Did you consider any other careers?
Oh yes! Veterinary medicine, ballet dancer, race car driver…I wanted to be everything!

4. Did you pursue a degree in this area?
I’m self-taught in my craft… for me, I didn’t see the need to study further! I already had the knowledge to execute. Still, I learn something new everyday. Thing is, makeup is always changing like fashion trends. It changes with seasons.

5. What is your most/least memorable career experience?
I was mad late for a wedding…I felt so bad. While I was doing the bride’s make-up, I was already under so much pressure that it was affecting the make-up I was applying on her. That will never happen again…ever!

6. Do you specialize in any particular technique or area of make-up application?
I’m familiar with all but I love beauty and editorial…anything that requires a model to look pretty I’m all up on that!

7. What is your favourite cosmetic brand/line to use?
Having worked with NARS cosmetics, I’ve fallen in love with the line. The products are really great! I like different lines for different things. Each has a product that I find works really well for me.

8. What are your thoughts on concerns about the carcinogenic content of skin products?
We are living in the ‘green age’ so most lines these days contain natural ingredients that will benefit the skin as opposed to causing damage. Applying products to the skin isn’t the only way to help prevent damage…it’s all in what we put in our bodies as well!

9. What has been your experience with natural versus man-made products?
Products, whether they contain natural or man-made ingredients, can give the result you want. Where a natural product will give a subtle color, a man made one will be vibrant!

10. What is your recommendation for personal make-up application?
Each person is different, so application for each is different. But my basic application includes mascara (that’s a must for me) a swipe of liner on the inner lower lid (that always makes the eyes pop) tinted moisturizer with SPF [sun protection factor], a bit of bronzer on the cheeks and a lip balm with SPF.

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