Pree10: Crossing it with DJ Powa

Pree10: Crossing it with DJ Powa

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More than a week and over 320,000 YouTube views later, the buzz around Kevin-Sean “DJ Powa” Hamilton is showing very little signs of subsiding. He’s the man behind “Nobody Canna Cross It” – the creative and comedic viral video that mixes a slick beat and audio effects with a recent Television Jamaica news clip featuring Robertsfield resident Clifton Brown, who shares his folksy insights on the dangers of crossing a flooded section of his community and bemoans the lack of a much-needed bridge in a humorously affected accent.

This “refix” video proved to be a much bigger hit than his previous work “What are Deading” (which is based on the “famous” Television Jamaica news interview with a resident of Tivoli Gardens after the incursion by the security forces last May) and “Patty Shop” (Corey Todd interview on is split with Vybz Kartel). So far, the 21-year-old University of Technology (UTECH) student and devout Christian has demonstrated the ability to bring some measure of levity to serious issues without coming off as insensitive.

Pree Jamaica managed to get 10 questions in with DJ Powa via email on his sudden fame, passion for music and future plans.

1. How have you been coping with all the publicity and attention that you’ve been getting?

It’s been a real challenge. I’ve had to catch up with the demanding attention between interviews and responding on Facebook and Twitter (especially when my phone battery is dead for most of the day). But overall it’s a real blessing that I’m absolutely grateful for!

2. How much has your life changed since “Nobody Canna Cross It” was posted on June 15?

Wow. I have been getting calls nonstop…[that’s] the main reason why my phones die so easily lol. I haven’t had much sleep, but I’m a late night person so it’s not THAT bad (the bad part is waking up early in the morning). Random people would see me on the road and call to me; that’s something new to me, hopefully I’ll get used to it lol. I’ve been thinking more business-wise, as I’m trying to build DJ Powa and Powa Music into a brand. In all, it’s been a growth in maturity.

3. You started out doing this as a hobby…just for fun. Based on the instant popularity and success of your comedic viral video, how serious will you be taking this now?

I hadn’t realized how much people appreciate the creativity behind it (I didn’t even see the ‘creative side’ to it). So in terms of the videos, I will continue as long as I have the time and the content of the video is easy to use. I wouldn’t mind working with a few companies either!

4. How do you choose the subject matter for your projects?

I saw the original news interview for the first video I did, “What Are Deading”. The other two, “Patty Shop” and “Nobody Canna Cross It” came from friends on Facebook sending me the clips.

5. What projects do you have coming up in the pipeline?

HAHA!! The only thing I will say is to look out for people looking decent and nice! LOL

6. Have the folks at TVJ said anything to you about the use of the news footage?

They haven’t, actually. The news footage is in no way being used for profit so as far as I know, they don’t have a problem.

7. Have you spoken to Clifton Brown, and if so, what has been his response to your viral video?

I have! He says he and his family love it, and are anxious [to meet] me.

8. What’s the best and worst thing about this whole experience?

The best things are the doors that have flown open! There are sooo many opportunities that it gets overwhelming trying to decide which one to choose. Another good thing is the experience of the business end of music. It has been teaching me a lot. The worst thing about this, and I wouldn’t say worst, is that the business end of the music takes A LOT of time and money. I’m sure if I was prepared it would have gone a lot smoother.

9. You are now studying marketing and economics at UTECH. What career path are you ultimately considering and what role will music play, if any?

My passion is music, so I’m aiming at a career in music production; behind the mixing board. I’ll hopefully be able to open my own recording studio in the near future.

10. What’s up with the puss in the video?

HAHA! Thought the cat was hilarious the first time I saw the original video. Thought it would be an element of surprise/humour putting it in each video, and I’m now thinking to make it a signature of any video I do.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Thank you for this, Pree Jamaica! Every time I read an article about Kevin-Sean “DJ Powa” Hamilton, since the viral vids, I just smile out loud (as my sis, @MizDurie, would say). I am so very happy for Kevin-Sean. It’s one of those things where, you don’t even know the individual, and yet, that doesn’t diminish the gladness you feel about his accomplishments. I think a part of it is that I am passionate about people using up their God-given talents. Mos def! Not just a human being, but a human doing. And, as a fellow Christian, I am glad that he continues to acknowledge the Lord Jesus in his strides. Yes, Kevin, this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. Best to you!!!
    – @cyopro

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