Red Stripe sheds light on bold, bear-faced campaign

Red Stripe sheds light on bold, bear-faced campaign

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Ahead of the August 24 national television premiere of the second instalment of the “Mission ImPAWSible” advertisement from Red Stripe’s new marketing campaign, members of the local blogosphere were invited to a special screening at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records at the Marketplace on August 22. Directed by Storm Saulter out of the New Caribbean Cinema (NCC) camp, the ad series follows the capers of a seven-foot beer-loving bear called RED.

In the first ad, RED infiltrates the Red Stripe warehouse and helps himself to crates of beer, confounding a team of SWAT-style operatives as he makes good his escape. The latest ad finds the law in hot pursuit of RED, who not surprisingly appears to be a real party animal. The inevitable encounter between the sociable ursine bandit and the authorities ends with a twist that is out of this world.


Red Stripe’s new out-of-the-box campaign, which started with teaser ads that featured paw prints and claw scratches, has been getting mixed reviews from the public. At one end of the spectrum, persons are applauding the campaign as a bold, creative and welcomed break from the norm. They give it props for the excellent production value and savvy move to incorporate social media. At the other end of the spectrum, there are persons who are not quite sold on the concept developed by Prism Communications, with the criticisms ranging from the campaign being seemingly frivolous to lacking strong appeal to the brand’s target audience.

Disparate views on the campaign can only mean greater discussion and debate on the Red Stripe brand, and no matter what side of the fence you’re on, curiosity will most likely ensure that people remain tuned in to see how this campaign plays out.

RED with the loot during the Red Stripe warehouse heist
RED – areal party animal

RED takes pointers from director Storm Saulter

Red Stripe's Jomo Cato (left), head of marketing, and Brian Pengelley (right), sales director.

Red Stripe's Safia Cooper chats with Kevin Sean Bourke, director of marketing at KLE Group Limited

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  1. sheryl johnson says:

    “not quite sold” is putting it mildly. it’s definitely the dumbest, most annoying ad i’ve ever seen on Jamaican tv. every time the stupid bear comes on i change the channel

  2. Everett says:

    I must say, this is the most rubbish advert for a beer I have ever seen. Why on earth would a Brown Bear be in Jamaica? Why must there be a swat team running around with Guns, considering Jamaica’s high crime rate. Is this is commentary of Jamaica of today that the only way to stand out is to use guns?

    Take a look at the Old Spice Ad and try to learn that for impact you need to be different but not so different as to look stupid.

  3. crissy says:

    this ad is so stupid i just hate seeing it what was red stripe thinking to use that as a promotion, i cannot even understand it, what is it actually saying what has red stripe gone to, i had it to say you were one of the leaders when it comes on to the best ads but, i guest i was wrong.

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