Make-up tips for today’s woman

Make-up tips for today’s woman

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In today’s world, the need to look good from head to toe has become a fascination, if not an obsession for most women. Not only must our wardrobe be tight, but our make-up must be right. And like all things, there is a right and a wrong way to apply and wear make-up. Here are some simple tips and trends to guide you fashion conscious ladies to ‘set di ting proper’. But before you begin, it is important that you have the correct tools to get the job done right.

Essential make-up tools

The must-haves for any make-up kit include a powder brush, blush brush, shadow brush or sponge applicators and wedge sponge. Other implements outside of these basic ones can be considered ‘brawta’. And now, without further ado, let’s begin our journey into the world of make-up application.

1) Always, always, always ensure that you cleanse the face before applying your make-up, as make-up goes on much better on a clean canvas.

2) Use either an astringent, toner or freshener to remove any residue remaining from the cleanser.

3) Never put on your foundation without applying your moisturizer, which  helps the foundation to go on smoothly and evenly. Apply moisturizer in an upward motion to avoid clogging the pores.

4) Foundation is the staple for your make-up application process so you can’t afford to mess this up. It sets the tone for the canvas and gives panache to the final art work. If incorrectly applied, it can completely ruin your work of art. No matter your skin tone, always choose a yellow based foundation, as it is the most natural looking.

a) In selecting your foundation, always test it along your jaw line and not on the wrist or any other part of the face as is popularly done.
b) If it blends completely then that is your match. The aim is to have flawless and natural looking coverage
c) The most common types of foundation include liquid, cream-to-powder, stick and powder.
d) Apply foundation to your face on the forehead, cheeks and chin by dabbing (not rubbing) with the ball of your fingers or with a sponge applicator until it is no longer visible, blending into the jaw and hairline.

5) If you have spots, blemishes or discolourations that you want to cover, a concealer can do the trick and make them less visible, giving the appearance of flawless skin. Concealer can be applied before or after your foundation.

a) For dark spots, the concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation
b) For spots lighter than the skin, use a concealer that is a shade darker than the foundation
c) Use a concealer brush, a sponge or fingers to apply concealer until no longer visible

6) The next step is the application of face powder. Face powder is used to set the foundation and to improve the overall attractiveness of the skin by playing up the skin’s natural colour and toning down excess colour and shine. Similar to choosing your foundation colour, always choose a yellow based powder as it’s most natural looking regardless of your skin tone.

a) Like the foundation, the face powder selected should closely match your skin to give a  refined finish
b) Face powders come in loose or pressed form
c) Use a powder brush or a sponge to apply loose and pressed powders respectively

7) The eyebrows frame the face, so perfectly arched brows are a must! Don’t overdo it now, please, please, please stay away from the pencil thin brows. It’s simply not attractive.

a) The highest point of your eyebrow should be in line with your pupil when looking straight ahead
b) The beginning of your brow should be in line with the inner corner of your eyes and this is also the thickest area of the brow
c) The end of your brow should be in line with the outer corner of your eye and the edge of your nose on a vertical line and is also the thinnest area of the brow

8) Now to the exciting part – eye colour! This is where most women get to express themselves and add a new dimension to their outfit. Your eye shadow colour selection should not only be influenced by the colour in your clothing, but by the occasion and time of day. These are integral in setting the tone for the selection of your eye-shadow.

a) When applying your eyeshadow, use a shadow brush or sponge applicator to cover the entire eye area with a neutral colour (primer). Then, use the desired colour on the lid with a darker colour in the crease of the eye and a lighter colour on the rest of the eye. Use the lightest colour (highlighter colour) on the brow bone. If desired, a single colour can be used on the entire eye.
b) Ensure that colours are blended after application so that there are no distinct demarcations as to which colour starts where
c) Other elements to consider include:

i) Eye colour, shape, size and distance from each other
ii) Hair colour
iii) Brighter and shinier shadows are more appropriate for night wear; while
iv) More subtle yet vibrant colours are more suitable for daytime wear

9) Eyeliner and mascara application can be tricky for most women, but they help the eye make-up to pop so apply carefully. Avoid pressing too hard on the eyeliner and ensure that the tip is sharpened to a point (not too sharp now, we don’t want to hurt ourselves). Too much or old mascara will make the lashes clump together, giving you the ‘spider legs’ look and we can’t have that. Ensure that excess product is wiped from the wand and change mascara frequently (the shelf life is generally 3 months).

10) The bronzer is a new addition to the make-up elements, but it is a welcome change as it helps to accentuate and highlight areas such as your high-cheek bones and give you that shimmery glow that super-stars have when they hit the red carpet!

a) If you are of dark complexion, apply bronzer over your blush to get the best effect, otherwise it won’t be as effective. For example, blending bronzer over a rosy blush for that sun-kissed look.

11) Next in line is cheek colour, also known as blush. Most women of colour skip this step thinking that it’s not natural for us to ‘blush’ so why bother or we have difficulty finding the right shade. But thanks to make-up brands such as Iman, Black Opal and Black Radiance, this is no longer a problem as there is a plethora of colours to choose from.

a) Apply blush to the apples of your cheek, sweeping towards your hairline using a blush brush
b) Never just dab on the cheek and leave, as this will look clown-like and that’s not hot!

12) The last element in the makeup application process is the lips, and with lip stick and stains being back in fashion, there is no limit to the look that one can get from reds, pinks and browns to matte, semi-glossy and glossy finishes. You name it and it can be done.

a) Always apply a lip liner to add more depth to the lip colour. The nineties are over so no more black lip liner! Try to match the lip colour you are using as closely as possible, being darker by about a shade or so. If lips are thin, apply on the outside; for fuller lips apply on the inside.
b) Put on a base product to aid in smooth application of the lip colour
c) Apply lip colour with lip brush

There you go looking fabulous and ready to enjoy a night on the town, a day at the office or whatever. Your make-up is looking perfect and your confidence is high. When you get home still looking fab, it is very important that you adhere to this final step.  You may be exhausted and tempted to just fall into bed, but don’t fall prey to this practice! Never go to sleep in your make-up, as it will sink into your skin overnight causing damage to the skin.

13) Removal of your make-up is as important as cleansing the face before you apply it.

a) To remove make-up, use cotton pads/puffs to apply make-up remover.

i) Remove mascara by wiping outward from the base of the lashes to the tips
ii) Remove eyeliner by wiping from the inside out
iii) Follow through with the steps above

There, that wasn’t so bad. Now you can go to bed and wake up with fabulous skin ready to do it all over again.

Post contributed by Camille Savage

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