Gore grabs the glory at Heroes of Speed

Gore grabs the glory at Heroes of Speed

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The marquee matchup between David Summerbell Jr. and Doug Gore at the Jamaica Race Drivers’ Club (JRDC) Heroes of Speed race meet at Dover Raceway in St. Ann on October 17 lived up to its top billing on an eventful afternoon of exciting racing and high drama. In the end, Gore registered another debilitating dent in Summerbell’s armour of invincibility, taking the two MP4 races and the coveted Alfred Chen Trophy in the Thundersport 2 event to end 2011 on a fantastic high. 

Gore’s success at this meet follows up on his triumph at Independence of Speed in August, and has earned him the MP4 and Thundersport championships. Summerbell suffered an accident at the end of the second MP4 race after his brakes failed, but he would have been heartened by his times in both MP4 races, as they were faster than Gore’s. 

Below are excerpts of the  transcript of post-meet interviews with David Summerbell Jr. and Doug Gore, conducted by Trudy Williams of JCK Consulting Group. 



Encountered Problems
The team has been working assiduously to try and have us ready for here, we brought a lot of things we wanted to run here, but encountered other problems. A piston in my engine got damaged and we brought one in and then it didn’t fit and the problems just kept going. We then put another engine together and that one went, and then finally we got an engine out of a road car, Craig Lue’s evolution, and that’s what we raced today. 

One of the Fastest Races
All along we’ve been keeping the sponsors in touch with what’s happening, they’ve been fantastic and very supportive and getting us out there today. We had two good races. We didn’t win, but we certainly can’t take anything away from Doug. It was a good race, with what we had we put up our best. He was able to win the second race, which was more important, the two of us were so close. That must have been one of the fastest races held, and of course, after the race in slowing down I lost my brakes totally, the pedal went to the floor. 

The Accident
Again, this was one of the test things that went wrong. This was a new thing that we were doing but we just never had the test time to know how much we could get out of it…and going through the finishing line I lost brakes and, again, worrying about hitting into Doug at the end of a race…I mean, I just envisioned the worse and ended up going through the grass to avoid Doug and I went across the track and into the tyre barriers and further into all the trees and stuff and damaged the car. 

It’s not a panic situation, yes your heart skips a beat when your foot goes to the floor…my first thought is I’m going to be able to stop it on the asphalt, and I would have…I really think I would have, but then I realised that I was going to run into Doug because he had slowed down so much to celebrate and I was going to run into him and I couldn’t have the two cars getting destroyed…I said, no just one…and took the straight into the grass on the left he had started to make the corner by then and he could see where I was and stopped in front,and I went right across the front of him and over. 

He [Doug] was one of the first people to check on me, so as much as there is intense battle there is still camaraderie and concern, his team checked on me… 

Persevered for the Fans
It certainly hasn’t ended on a high. It’s been a tough weekend but…still, I think, with everything, we could have given up early but I think we did the right thing and I think the team…the effort they put in wasn’t in vain. We still produced some good races and I think the fans appreciated it, for us being here, and that makes it worthwhile to all of us. 

Caribbean championships
We’re trying to find a way. We haven’t figured that one out yet. The car, I don’t think will make it, but it doesn’t mean that there are not other cars that we can probably get…we do have a fairly good lead in the championships so we don’t need the best car to win it I think. 

The Future
We want to out this car back together immaculately and get all the little things together. It’s had a hard year. It’s been travelling and we haven’t had much time…from it left Jamaica to go to Barbados we’ve had no time with it. It went straight after racing in Jamaica, on to the ship in three days,raced in Barbados, came back, one week straight of work into this race meet…to have gone to Guyana. It takes a lot out of the car and the crew. We need to really re-look at that and see what is the best way forward is… 

We’re leading the Caribbean championship and we don’t want to lose that. that’s the first thing on the agenda then we can look at 2012. We have great support, total has come on board again and they are committed to Team Summerbell, Stewarts they also came on late this year ut very appreciated Arizona motorcraft batteries, with their support I think we will have what it takes to take back our crowns…all of them. 



Fantastic Year
This has been a fantastic year from the start when we started to talk to Adam Stewart about purchasing a car…to the end of the year, where it is now. You know, it’s just one of those fantastic things, it’s like a boyhood dream. When you think of how the year started and everybody coming back and saying, “Man, this car is not going to do it…two wheel drive against four wheel drive?  It’s not going to happen.” 

It’s one of those things that you say to yourself, “I’m going to prove them wrong,” and it just happened like that. Big ups to the team and the family and everyone who was supporting me from the beginning. At the end of the year like this, to end on such a good note, it’s fantastic. 

Lifelong Dream
The performance of the car…it is definitely testament to the crew. We’ve done lot’s of time up here, we’ve spent weekends up here away from our families. My wife would say, “Hey Doug, when you coming home?”, and I say to her, “Listen, I have to accomplish this, this is important. It is important for me.” As I said before, on a lifelong dream. It just proved that everybody who was behind me from the start, they knew that this day was going to come. 

All this preparation that we were doing, all the tinkering with the car, even trying out new rims this weekend to see if I would get the additonal grip…it did help. The car lasted longer. What was happening is that usually after about three laps the car would fall off tremendously and I would now have to be looking over my shoulder basically for Summerbell hounding me. Now, I was able to, when I needed the power…to press the gas and get it. It just goes back to prove that we understand the car… 

Beat the King
I knew that he [David]  had done so much to try and get here and kudos to him and his team. They’ve done some tremendous work and we’ve all gone through it, the late nights trying to get to Dover, trying to make sure that the fans are here to see a fantastic race, and he made it fantastic. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re here, was to go and beat the “King”, and it just proves to him and his team that they were on top and you know what? The tide has changed. 

You did say the King is dead, what do you have to say now?
Well, I think he’s now the court jester (laughs)…I think he’s now gone down to the joker (laughs). 

David is a good friend of mine. Seriously, this is what it’s all about and we’re here because of him…he is the reason why we’re here, really and truly. It was to up the game and if it wasn’t for the likes of David Summerbell this probably would not have happened. I know he’s going to come back big and strong next year and so are we. We have some plans in the making. Butch Stewart came here today and I think the bug has bitten him. He absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed it and he said, “Doug, whatever it takes.” We’re going to send back the car to Germany to do some upgrades…looking forward to it. 

The Future
Looking forward, it’s just bigger and better things. We have to keep up our game. we can’t just sit back on our laurels…We can’t so that. We have to make sure that we go out and look back at the car and make sure the car is in tip top condition. The car really feels strong right now and it’s a good thing that we brought an endurance race car…as you can see, David lost his brakes on the last race…man these brakes look like they could go forever. So that’s just one of the things about this car that is phenomenal. 


As some spectators at the event unwisely flocked to the Summerbell crash scene, a young boy was hit by one of the drivers after attempting to cross the track during a live race. The boy was rushed to the St. Ann’s Bay hospital, and according to reports, is in stable condition.

In MP4 Race 1, Gore’s time was time was 1:20.169 while Summerbell’s was 1:19.586. In MP4 Race 2, Gore registered 1:19.660 while Summerbell clocked 1:19.589.

No surprise that Kyle Gregg won the three races in his class and is the Driver of the Year. He’s definitely looking to step up ad has indicated his desire to roll with the big kids at Dover.

Stefan Chin remained the fastest  thing on two wheels. Michelle Laidlaw made history by becoming the first female motorcycle racer at Dover.

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