Stylish earrings by Jamaican Divas

Stylish earrings by Jamaican Divas

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Motivated by a special love for exquisite jewellery and the desire to create unique and affordable earrings, the Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company team comprising of cousins Danielle ‘Mya’ Moore, Jannae Campbell, Chantay Campbell and Lauren-Jade Holland have harnessed their collective talent and creative energy to produce fashionable earrings inspired by the different personalities of Jamaican women.

From left to right: Danielle ‘Mya’ Moore, Jannae Campbell, Chantay Campbell and Lauren-Jade Holland – the founders of Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company.

Which Jamaican Diva are you? Boss Lady, Downtown, Fluffy or Uptown?

Fluffy, Boss Lady, UPT and Downtown are the four earring collections designed by the Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company to capture the spectrum of style that will appeal to distinct groups of women with varying sensibilities.

“We wanted to make earrings for every type of woman while paying homage to our Jamaican roots,” Chantay Campbell tells Pree Jamaica.

Big, bold, vibrant and colourful are the words that characterise the Fluffy or “Fluffs” collection, while the Boss Lady collection reflects a more compact, subtle and demure style. The UPT collection embraces contemporary aesthetics with full “bling” and the Downtown collection – the company’s signature line – celebrates Jamaica with the national colours.

From the Fluffy (Fluffs) collection, the “Kitty” earring worn by Britany Randi

Jannae Campbell wears the “Maxine” earring from the Fluffy collection.

From the Boss Lady collection, Kerrita McBean rocks the "Mrs. Stewart" earring.

The "Mrs. Simpson" earring from the Boss Lady collection.

The "Kenesha" from the Downtown earring collection by Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company

Another look at the "Kenesha" hoop earring from the Downtown collection.

The company, which will be officially launched in March 2012, is currently awaiting the completion of production for the UPT collection. Limited edition earrings commemorating the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence are scheduled to hit the market in April 2012. Products from the Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company will be available through local retailers in Jamaica and worldwide through its soon-to-be-launched website at Beyond designing jewellery, the talents of the principals extend into make-up and multimedia production. They are responsible for developing their own promotional photos and videos.

Although in the business of creating objects of personal adornment and enhancing beauty, the development of inner beauty is chief among the guiding philosophies of the Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company. With a biblical reference to 1 Peter 3, Chantay explains:

“Don’t strive to only make yourself beautiful on the outside…focus on inner beauty. This type of beauty is very precious in God’s eyes. When one has a beautiful spirit, then Jamaican Divas Jewelry will make your appearance shine just as bright.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Jamaican Divas Jewelry Company no longer exists in its original form. Several of the founders have started a new entity called Jewelry Loving Creative (JLC) Women. (December 9, 2012)

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