Colourful ‘cosplay’ at Anime Nation

Colourful ‘cosplay’ at Anime Nation

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Being among the uninitiated, Pree Jamaica didn’t quite know what to expect at Anime Nation 2012, which was staged at Waterfalls in Liguanea on August 10. Once inside the venue, the event billed as a Japanese Anime Convention transported us to a culturally rich space that linked Jamaica to Japan and resonated with creativity, camaraderie, artistry, verve and perhaps even a touch of magic! Cosplay (costume playing) proved to be the main attraction, and although we couldn’t tell a Pokémon from a Naruto character, we did manage to move up the curve by the end of the night.

Dubstep/house music was the soundtrack for the event, which was organised by JA Cosplayaz, a local group of anime aficionados spearheaded by Afayah Prendergast, Fabian Pinkney and Zane Francis. They received strong support from the Embassy of Japan in Kingston.

This is the third staging of Anime Nation, with the previous conventions being held at Studio 38 in New Kingston and Students’ Union at UWI. Video of anime created by Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA) alums were shown, and the crowd was treated to a live musical performance.

Bridget – Guilty Gear

Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Faust – Guilty Gear




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  1. Linna says:


  2. Linna says:

    love it!

  3. Emma Lewis says:

    Great, great post!!

  4. Ayo says:

    Wow! They really worked on those costumes! Sounds like a really great night! Hope there’ll be more in future!

  5. wicked wicked video still.

    so much more energy than the anime conventions up north (Canada)

    don’t know what the anime scene in JA is like, but if y’all ever in the states, bring that vybe to ish like ECBACC (east coast black age comic convention), ONYX con, BlackAge Comic Convention (do searches)

    done proper yes big up

  6. oops… irrelavant to some, a sin to other, “3rd Hokage” should be “3 great shinobi”

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