Behind the Mic with Marcy Chin

Behind the Mic with Marcy Chin

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Pree Jamaica goes Behind The Mic with sultry recording artiste and Garveyite Marcy Chin . Fresh off a successful multi-city European tour with the ‘Bada Bada Gang’ #BBG, the entertainer has released the ‘Baddest MC’ promo mixtape with seasoned performing and producing trio Ward 21.

What was your first recorded track?
My first professionally recorded track was ‘Really Like You’, with producer Supa Hype.

Which high school did you attend?
St. Hugh’s High School.

Who was your most impactful teacher?
My high school history teacher, Mrs. Campbell. I was inspired by her teaching style. She made me understand the importance of learning history. It became much more important than merely a passing grade on an examination paper. She incubated the interest that developed when I became drawn to Marcus Garvey in grade six.

You mentioned an interest in Marcus Garvey. Tell us about it.
I borrowed a history book for homework purposes. I stumbled on Marcus Garvey and realized I share a birthday with him. This sparked my interest to know more about the man. I researched a lot [about Garvey]. Additionally, I had a teacher who supported and encouraged my quest and thirst for all things Garvey.

What would you be doing if you were not an artiste?
I’d be a journalist and an author…possibly a film director as well.

Credit: TenOSix Photography

Credit: TenOSix Photography

How did you get the name Marcy?
Marcy was a name given to me by my aunt. It is also the name of the famous housing project in New York. I view life as a project, so it fits perfectly.

Who would you say influenced you musically and philosophically?
Musically: Queen Patra had the biggest influence on my decision to do dancehall music. Additionally, most of the male dancehall artistes of the ’80s and ’90s. I was the biggest supporter of Ward 21, who reigned the early 2000s.

Without the parent, there is no child so reggae music plays an important role. Notably, the music of the late Garnett Silk, which has cradled me through it all.

I am also heavily influenced by the hip-hop genre. Off the top of my head, artistes such as Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Sugarhill Gang, Biz Markie, and Public Enemy are a few. From the ‘new school’, I love Nicki Minaj. Most of these artistes have influenced me in many ways.

Philosophically: Peter Tosh. He has definitely influenced me.

What about your style?
My personal style is dependent on my mood.

What is your favourite genre of music?
I am not sure I have one favorite. I basically love everything. My least favourite is gospel, which I listen to anyway, because good music is good music.

Who are your dream collaborators?
Artistes: Queen Patra, Nicki Minaj, Jesse Royal. There are others who are eluding me at the moment.
Producers: Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliott.

Was this European tour your first?
Yes, it was my first tour. Europe was surreal, because I didn’t expect to perform there at this early stage of my career.

In which countries did you perform?
I was in Slovakia, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and England.


Marcy Chin on tour in Europe (2014)


Marcy Chin live on stage in Europe (2014)

How was the reception?
I was surprisingly well-received. I felt like I was already a known artiste, especially in Italy – specifically Perugia and Sicily. Of all the performances during the tour, Italy was the best.

How was Europe ‘behind the mic’?
It was a beautiful and emotional experience. It was hot (Italy). It was cold (Germany). There was jet lag. I learned many lessons. I met new friends. I drank lots of beer [laughs], I love beer. The meal options were touch and go for someone not terribly fond of meat, like myself. But it was as mystical as I expected it to be. The most memorable place was definitely Italy. Southern Italy is old-fashioned, with lovely beaches and a closed culture type of vibe. Paired with the reception I receive from patrons…it was ‘kinda’ cool.


Marcy Chin steps up her selfie game with fans in Europe.


Marcy Chin (2nd left) shares the stage with Suku, Kunley & Mean Dawg of Ward 21 during their 2014 European tour.

Which country’s reaction most surprised you?
Again… Italy. I was told it was similar to the Jamaican audience so I was prepared to ‘work my butt off’ in front of a crowd I wasn’t sure I could please. But it worked out.

Which tracks were best received?
‘When Again’, ‘Bunx Up’, ‘Mic Magician’ were favourites. And ‘The Bounce’. which always boosts the crowd’s energy.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of music?
Write. Talk to my dad. Reflect.

What is your favourite food?
I am not really a foodie. But I do love pasta from South Ave Grill (Kingston).

Where is your favourite place to visit or hangout?
Outside. Anywhere under the stars, as long as I am with friends who share similar interests. I love the night time.

Which is your favourite track to perform?
At this moment, I like to perform ‘Bunx Up’. I get to shake my bum or lack thereof (laughs).

Official promo art for ‘Bunx Up’

Best and worst performances experience.
Does Prep School count? (Laughs) Because that would be my worse. One carol service…
Best performances were definitely Perugia, Sicily and Poland. Worst would be Genova. I had to perform in my travel clothing and I was freezing so much I could barely unclench my jaw to sing. One big mess of a night.

Describe yourself in one word.

What are your latest/upcoming projects?
CURRENT: I just released a promo mixtape, the ‘Baddest MC’.
UPCOMING: Tour – Hopefully Europe again in February and March. Music – I have a couple singles ready to ‘drop’. I am currently working on the video for my single ‘The Bounce’, so that’s coming soon.

BADDEST MC Mixtape [Explicit content]

When should we expect an album or EP? How many tracks?
I can’t say for sure when the EP will be released, but it should have about six tracks.

Tell us something that isn’t largely known about you.
Why? (Laughs) No. Ok, I was nicknamed ‘Ping Ping’ at birth. Dad still calls me that sometimes.

Who is in your music crew?
Bada Bada Gang #BBG: Ward 21 (Kunley, Suku & Mean Dawg), DeeWunn, Tony Locinto, Point O and Timberlee.

Use one word to describe each crew member?
Kunley – Brilliant
Suku – Jester
Mean Dawg – Business Mogul
DeeWunn – Lyrical
Tony Locinto – Attentive
Point O – Hardworking
Timberlee – Mercurial

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Seek knowledge. Otherwise, stay a slave.

LIFE MANTRA/FAV QUOTE: “We are arbiters of our own destiny. God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own creative genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law.” – Marcus Garvey.

PERFORMANCE & RECORDING RITUALS: I am not ready to reveal that to the world.

MARCYISM: Say: Look at it this way. Do: Inspire, teach.

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